Communications Solutions

Our Communications Solutions primarily focus on:

  • IP Telephony: Ranging from small to large business enterprises, arabianITS provides business with best communication solutions. Either your employees are at branch offices or their work spaces. The products can unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks enabling users to easily communicate in any environment through any media, device, or operating system.
  • Unified Communications: arabianITS holds the key to your success. Providing Unified Communication will help your business to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. It will also help eliminating the human delays and resulting in better and faster interaction and service delivery for the customer.
  • Contact Center: arabianITS provides businesses help with the setting up of contact center and provide all the necessary tools to set it up. As customers expect deeper level of support and help, the contact centers are becoming priority for many organizations. It provides communication between customer and the employees not just through phones but various other means which can help your business gain greater level of customer satisfaction.
  • Video Conferencing: For the companies to be successful they need solutions that impact their returns without raising costs and sacrificing productivity. These solutions will help you to reduce cost on unnecessary traveling of employees. Furthermore it provides you with real time access to voice, video and web conferencing, which saves a lot of company’s precious time.