Managed Workplace

We offer an innovative service to businesses with up to 250 people called the Managed Workplace solution. The solution offers businesses unlimited technical support for a flat fixed rate that is usually less than what they are currently paying.

arabianITS’ Managed Workplace Solution is truly innovative because it solves two major problems that small businesses face. First, small businesses struggle with cash flow issues resulting from unpredictable technology costs. arabianITS solves this problem by offering unlimited technology services at a single rate each month. This ensures that a business knows what its technology costs will be for the entire year. We also provide full budgeting services based on past experience so that clients have realistic expectations of hardware costs throughout the year.

Second, small businesses usually do not have a qualified person on staff to handle technology administration, so that duty generally falls on management. arabianITS solves this problem by including technology management services such as asset, license and warranty tracking as well as by providing a trusted technology adviser who meets monthly with the client to discuss strategic and infrastructural technology needs.

Why Choose arabianITS

  • We are known for being committed to doing their best on every project. This is reflected through established processes, friendly & helpful staff and consistent delivery of prompt professional service.
  • Our team of technical professionals are encouraged to work together and collaborate on issues with both peer and senior staff. This ensures that our clients receive proficient service with each engagement. Our’ commitment to service includes investments in continual, on-going education and certification.
  • Our datacenter and operations-center investment provides our clients with access to enterprise technologies and services that are not possessed by our competitors. This always-on infrastructure delivers 24x7 remote monitoring and management capabilities, providing greater reliability and security for our clients.

The Business Benefits of the Managed Workplace Solution:

  • Full-time support team
    The Managed Workplace solution provides all the benefits of a full-time support team including unlimited support services and incident resolution.
  • Eased burden on management
    Management functions are assumed by your organization’s project manager, while implementation and support are distributed to our technical team. Users can place support requests instantly to us bypassing management, and approval is unnecessary as flat-rate services make pre-approval optional.
  • Increased technology value
    Your organization’s dedicated project manager can help your organization achieve greater IT value through the adoption of efficient IT management processes and concepts. While the implementation of the Managed Workplace solution makes fundamental improvements by reducing unnecessary IT costs.
  • Consistent budget-able costs
    Your organization’s dedicated project manager will work with you to develop a realistic IT budget based on your current technology investment and your goals. Reliable warranties and unlimited technical support ensure unexpected costs are a thing of the past.
  • Reduced downtime / improved productivity
    The Managed Workplace solution includes the implementation/configuration of a reliable, self-healing infrastructure, as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and maintenance technologies that work concurrently to reduce downtime.
  • Better user experience
    The Managed Workplace solution leverages sophisticated management technologies, as well as a proven infrastructure blueprint that delivers a better user experience each time the user logs in.
  • Reduce IT burden on management enabling focus on core and strategic initiatives
    The Managed Workplace solution from arabianITS employs extensive IT management experience, and best practices based on ITIL / ITSM standards to deliver comprehensive, holistic IT management to your organization. This eliminates the burden on management that results from researching, procuring, deploying, managing and supporting information technology within your organization.
  • Reduce your exposure to risk through robust client security and management
    Following an audit of your current environment, arabianITS rolls out security technology, policies and procedures that yield significant security improvements. Diligent update management ensures security is maintained.
  • Single point of accountability
    Your dedicated project manager meets monthly with your organization’s manager in charge of IT and/or technology committee to assist with planning, assess goals, and act as a single point of accountability for all of your organization’s interactions with arabianITS. This helps ensure issues are resolved quickly and effectively without an unnecessary burden on management.