Hosted Vmware

Virtualization is the technology on the lips and minds of almost every IT professional these days. Server virtualization is an easy and proven way to get many times the value out of your servers. It enables a single physical server to function as multiple servers. Virtualization helps an organization simultaneously reduce costs, increase energy efficiency, enhance availability, and simplify IT. In fact, a virtualized environment can deliver a reduction of total annual server costs of up to 52 percent per user per year.

Customers who want to reduce their IT costs while improving availability, flexibility, and manageability of their infrastructure can do so with VMware virtualization. The ability to rapidly provision new servers or provision test environments or ensure production servers are always available makes Hosted VMWare Services an ideal solution.

Our Hosted VMWare Services offers the following benefits:

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Monthly fees that reflect the virtual server capacity used
  • Ability to add processor, memory or disk capacity with just a phone call
  • High availability and manageability designed to address the business needs of customers
  • Servers that remain available even if a hardware failure occurs