Newgen Solutions for Shared Services


Newgen has delivered BPM-based solutions to SSCs across the world. Their breadth of capabilities, ability to integrate technology with business processes and proven implementation resulting in faster ROI makes us the natural choice as your SSC partner. Their SSC offerings enable you to bring operational excellence to your shared processes for optimal service, quality and cost. Newgen enables SSCs to achieve Operational Excellence by enabling top-line growth, while constantly driving down the costs and improving the quality of operations.

Core Focus Areas

·         Facilitates Standardization and Centralization of key processes across the organization.

·         Reduces cost of Transaction-Based processes.

·         Makes organizations Agile by enabling creation and modification of standardized process easily across organization.

·         Provides immediate process insights through monitoring, tracking and auditing tools.

·         Enables continuous process improvement.

·         Enhances Operational Efficiencies through process optimization, cost analysis and process performance metrics.

·         Integrates seamlessly with existing third-party applications such as ERP and CRM.

·         Enables Comprehensive Capabilities for regulatory compliance.

Newgen Solutions in Banking 

Newgen delivers solutions to enable Financial Institutions to stay ahead of competition in today's fiercely competitive market. The approach adopted by Newgen is centralization of operations. Newgen Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help to leverage existing business and legacy systems to meet the demands of the financial marketplace. 


·         Operational Efficiency and Wider Reach.

·         Cost Reduction.

·         De-risked process to comply to Basel II norms.

·         Enable the Bank to launch new product variants/ process variants through quick and economical changes in the Workflow layer, rather than in the core systems.

Newgen Solutions in Insurance

Newgen provides integrated applications for claims processing, new policy issuance, policy owner servicing, agents’ commission management and customer query resolution. Their Solutions allow easy access to all customer and policy information, and combine workflows with a scalable collaborative knowledge management environment. 

Newgen offers Process Automation Solutions across the following Lines-Of-Business (LOBs)

·         Medical.

·         Motor.

·         Life Insurance.

·         Personal Accident.

·         Marine Cargo.