ArabianITS Network Operations Center

ArabianITS has implemented Infrascape's InfraCentral – ISP Edition that provides us with a complete infrastructure/network monitoring solution (NMS) for our network and systems.

InfraCentral – ISP Edition, is a comprehensive infrastructure intelligence solution for Internet Service Providers. It monitors the entire ISP infrastructure and provides intelligence to Network Operation Center (NOC) staff and the ISP’s customers. The functionality includes Network and Systems monitoring, alerting, analysis and reporting capabilities.

It provides a dashboard that gives the overall picture of the performance of the entire infrastructure being monitored. The Site Summary table on the dashboard will provide detailed alerts status based on site names defined in the system. This drill down feature provides the NOC Operator with an easy to use alert status.

The NMS provides:

  • An easy to use interface especially designed for the NOC Staff. 
  • The Interface provides an immediate notification of problems.
  • It provides a mechanism that maps relation between a circuit or port to its customer, so that the NOC staff is relieved of the burden of trying to find out which circuit or port belongs to a particular customer. 
  • The alerts notify, not just the NOC staff, but also the customer either through email or SMS.
  • Integration with help desk systems to automatically generate trouble ticket whenever there is an alert from InfraCentral.
  • A web based customer portal. The portal would have the following features:
  • A secure mechanism of providing details of customer circuits and links. It provides with the details like bandwidth utilization and circuit availability.
  • Reporting (Availability, Bandwidth Utilization and SLA reports).
  • A mechanism of providing information to the customer about future planned service outages and its details and the services being affected.


NOC Dashboard

  • Bandwidth Utilization Graphs Consolidated – Consolidation of Utilization across all ISP service Internet Peering Bandwidth
  • Alerts Graph – representing different types and number of alerts in the last 24 hours
  • Site Summary – List of all sites with number of ports being monitored and different type of alerts received.
  • Network Map that depicts all the devices being monitored grouped as exchanges/pops.
  • If the device has an alert on it, it is shown as red on the map.
  • Bandwidth Utilization of all trunks are depicted on the map.
  • If the link between two exchanges is down it is shown as red, there will also be different color notations used for the link lines for threshold violations.
  • Drill down from a device takes the NOC User to the alerts table, which contains the alerts on that device and also further drilldown is available from there to device/card/port/interface details causing the alert.
  • Scrolling Ticker of Alerts for specified devices
  • SLA Status Summary – List of all customers with their defined SLA’s and the current SLA status
  • SLA Threshold Alerts – The system sends alerts whenever a threshold for the SLA is reached



  • Categorized Alerts – The system has the ability to categorize alerts and send them to the users in the specified category. The following categories are available
  • Device Specific – Assign users who receive an alert for a specific alert type
  • Threshold Violation Specific – Assign users who receive an alert when a specific threshold is violated for all devices
  • Site Specific – Assign users who receive an alert for any device at a specific site
  • Alert Actions – Whenever an alert is generated by the system the following actions can be associated with the Alert
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Audible Alarms