Our Data Center

iZone Network Infrastructure 

  • Data Center has fiber connectivity with the Ministry of Communications from TEC and SKB. 
  • Has redundancy against fiber cuts. 
  • High speed fiber connectivity with all ISP’s in Kuwait. 
  • UTP and fiber cables made of certified industry standards and latest. 
  • 50-60 network points immediately available.
  • Integration of performance and traffic management capabilities of Data Link Layer 2 with the scalability and flexibility of Network Layer 3 routing. 
  • Professional Network Operations Center management application. 




The location of our Data Center is at the iZone premises at Building # B5, Shuwaikh, Free Trade Zone; which provides an excellent choice for a DR site, as it meets the following requirements:

  • The Data Center is in a secured area.
  • The site offers parking facility for the concerned staff to gain quick access. 
  • The site is above the Water Table or flood level. 
  • Access to the Data Center is 24 X 7 X 365. 

Data Center Security

  • Physically secured with controlled and monitored entry and exit points.
  • Finger Print authentication to access the data center. 
  • CCTV surveillance and recording facility up to 30 days
  • Secure shipping /handling and storage area. 

Environmental Controls

  • The data center has a temperature and humid controlled environment. Temperature between 18-22 degree centigrade temperature and relative humidity between 45% to 55% inside the Data Center. 
  • Operator room for staff have normal room temperature (between 23-25 degree centigrade). 
  • Air Conditioning available for cooling through the raised floors. 
  • Data Center is equipped with the latest certified Smoke/Heat and Fire detectors. 
  • Fire Alarms and detectors of certified standards have been installed. 
  • Data Center  has compressed Gas and Fire Suppression systems 


  • Redundant 90 KW of power available for running the data center. 
  • UPS with extended battery backups are available for a minimum of twenty minutes. 
  • The site has Diesel/Petrol Power Generator with a large on site fuel capacity that should be enough for one week operations of the data center. 
  • Flexibility to offer various power configurations and various power options such as 10A; 15 A; 32 A; or other industry standards.